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One to Know: Diane Pernet, Fashion Critic and Video Journalist | Roads

Visions of the Future // One to Know: Diane Pernet, Fashion Critic and Video Journalist

Diane Pernet - Journalist/critic

Diane Pernet - Journalist/critic

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Q&A with Diane Pernet on fashion, film and food

Spanish Mantilla and Peineta..............http://www.pinterest.com/cushwatapp/mantillas-and-veils/

Spanish Mantilla and Peineta..............http://www.pinterest.com/cushwatapp/mantillas-and-veils/

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Givenchy - nossa vestidos -nous avons des robes comme ca.

Just as France begins to consider prohibiting women from wearing niqab, or a full veil, fashion designer Riccardo Tisci features a very attractive young woman wearing a sort of pseudo-veil in his new collection for Givenchy, seen at left as shown in The G

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Diane Pernet by Jean Luc Dupont

The fashion critic and "A Shaded View on Fashion" founder Diane Pernet discusses her 4 new perfumes in Paris.