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Ham in Coca Cola

Ham in Coca Cola: Only those who have never tried this raise an eyebrow at the idea. Don't hesitate, don't be anxious: this really works. No one who cooks it, cooks it just once: it always earns a place in every repertoire.

Beautiful Motivational Posters to Hang in your Bohemian Home

Let’s face it, we all need a little motivations every now and again. I’ve noticed for example that on social media motivational quotes are really successful. We all love to hear that we’re worth it, that we’re awesome and that we’re kicking butt. If you’re self employed or occasional work from home, you might spend … Read more...

Teenager In Heaven Death is not just for the old. Sometimes the young die too. You were only in your teens When angels came for you. It’s very hard to understand Why you died so young. You had so much to live for And was loved by everyone. But we know God has a purpose And a plan for each of us. We know He loves His children, And in Him we put all trust. Although our hearts are broken, We know you’re in His care. Your memory will remain alive Until we join you there

Though it may only be the LDS youth's theme for this year, I believe we should always remember and try to live by this scripture. Only good can come from it.

"I normally don't get political in my newsletter but this is important. Sure I didn't want him to win. But what is more upsetting & significant is what it represents over the past 12 months. My greatest core values & causes as a Heart-leader are Love Diversity Equality Empathy & Parenting. These values have not been embodied by his actions. For me personally any action that is divisive misogynistic sexist racist xenophobic & bullying go against my values & what I stand for. As someone who…

39 Things to Remember While Struggling to Build Your Writing Career

True true... you might tell yourself everything you want is on the other side of something practical, tangible or real... but that's the illusion... it's just on the other side of a thought - a fear. What if you could dissolve that thought with just a different thought - love? How quickly could you reach everything you dream of?