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The Day An Anxiety Naturopath Fell Into My Lap, And Said All The Right Things |

The Most Powerful Herb On The Market For Anxiety And Depression

Listening to Pain

Due to non-stop messages about depression and anxiety as chemical imbalances the medical profession can rectify with drugs, the idea that those painful states have a meaning to be understood has become unpopular.

The stages of anxiety from typical to severe and how YOU can get help!

The stages of anxiety from typical to severe and what can help - I was in the yellow to red for over a year.now I'm on anti anxiety and anti depression meds and I cannot believe I lived in that previous state for so long.

Embrace Your Uniqueness

You might be an overthinker if you experience obsessive thinking or ruminating. An overthinker may have insomnia, difficulty making decisions.

This is your body on anxiety! Via http://theholistichealingcentre.wordpress.com/2014/06/14/this-is-your-body-on-anxiety-infographic/

This Is Your Body On Anxiety (Infographic)

Anxiety can have a serious impact on our long term health. Whether long term or short term anxiety this infographic explains just exactly what happens to our bodies under the stress of anxiety.

51 Ways To Destroy Anxiety

51 Ways To Destroy Anxiety (- Wonder Forest -)

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Image result for quotes about anxiety

free from fear

Ten Ways to Live Free from Fear. I think we will always have fear, but we can't let it hold us back. We need to look fear in the face daily, and say, "You will not control me." This list can help.

Things to tell yourself in the throes of an anxiety attack.

Coping Statements for Anxiety. Stop to the thoughts that lead to anxiety, and to replace those thoughts with realistic, rational thoughts. Continue reading: www.

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Set Your Boundaries

On setting boundaries… I tend to feel guilty about hurting people’s feelings, but everyone deserves to feel love and respected, including oneself. There’s a lot of good bits in here. I love this set