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If gun control really worked.

Back in the and even later, many high schools had shooting ranges. Students even brought their own rifles to school. What changed in society that we could trust such activities then, but not now?

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My alarm tells me you are in my house.My gun tells me not for long

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Her accent, wardrobe, and her modeling years (the latter of which she put behind her in order to raise and care for her son while helping run the business).

The media kisses the ass of rvery woman and immigrant exceot for this lady, that is both. They couldn't sing enough praises of Michael Obama but they dont even wamt to say Melania's name.

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Funny Reminders Ecard: Growing up I always thought quicksand was going to be a much bigger problem than it turned out to be.

The lab manager for my microbiology class at NAU made a few of us re - write our papers in class because she didn't believe we were able to write that well. I wrote over 5 papers for that lab and aced everyone of them. She still never believed in us.

There are amazing teachers performing magic every day. However, I do realize the reality that there are teachers who do some of these things.

Was a single mom , dad , grandma and grandpa for years , no one has  a clue about hard work like single mothers ! A mother lives her children like nothing else in this world !!

So true.) seem to think, the working mom does not become less of a mom while at work.

You're looking for a "Safe Space?" Learn how to handle a gun and you can make any space safe.

Red says that to Daniel before they run from Camp Leak

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My idea of "help from above" is a sniper on the roof.