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Need some "brain breaks" for your classroom? Nothing works better than MUSIC! These songs teach your children how to transition through the day. Children "Start the Day With a Smile," follow rules, line up quietly, clean up, learn how to be good friends, and more.This CD contains 23 tracks including karaoke versions.

Counting Songs MP3s

The start of the year will be calmer with these counting songs. A soothing voice counts over relaxing music with a soft beat. Perfect for teaching counting, and for Behavior Management: Help kids calm to their minds and focus on the task at hand; whether for time out, clean up, transition, stretching or dance.

Behavior Management Charts

Behavior management game charts are a good way to modify a child’s behavior. Classic behavior mod really works. This pack includes instructions on how to use behavior management charts, behavior rules, printable awards, suggestions for prizes, and a letter to the parent to help support their child. Works for whole-class behavior, too.

Behavior Interventions that Work

This set includes 8 different behavior interventions that you can use in your classroom. This would also make for the perfect handout for teachers from either counselors, administrators, or school psychologist in order to support different behaviors throughout the school year.

Social Skills Task Card Set

This is a set of 24 social skills themed task cards. The card topics range from ways to help others, to class rules, to making new friends, to various writing topics, to goal setting, to self reflection, to helping to keep the room clean and organized, etc.

Social Psychology Bingo

This an interesting activity involving students to learn social psychological terms through a game. It works well in groups of four students, each taking a turn to ask the questions. This game includes the following 20 terms: • Fundamental attribution error • Altruistic behaviour • Attitudes • Attribution • Conformity • Discrimination • Groupthink • Prejudice • Proximity • Social Loafing • Stereotypes • Obedience • Compliance • Persuasion • By-stander effect • Socia...

Celebrating Peace and Getting Along: A Triple Treat

In a word, kindness. What classroom wouldn't benefit from some deliberate work in the area of being kind to one another, being sensitive to one another's feelings, and just simply getting along? These skills are life-skills that, if learned and exercised, will deeply enrich a student's life forever.

Free Incentive Posters- Classroom Management

Pin now for Back to School! Are you looking for ways to motivate your students that cost you nothing? This is a set of 25 incentives that are absolutely FREE for the teacher. In my class, I put these in a binder so that students may shop to see which incentive they want to work toward.

Community Post: 27 Attention-Getters For Quieting A Noisy Classroom

Quiet spray!I made up some "Quiet Spray!" You spray the ROOM to signal children to get quiet. Or you can just leave the bottle empty. Mine love the mist in the air. It is so funny! {I do not condone spraying a child! As much as you might want to! Ha! ;)}