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The sky's the limit

The sky's the limit

How does this have no notes? I mean I am brilliant here. It's the plan cold truth that no one recognizes.

How does this have no notes? I mean I am brilliant here. It's the plan cold truth that no one recognizes.<---- this is genius

Cool denim on a summer day at exactly 8:53 AM Laying on the grass outside when there are clouds in the sky That feeling when someone you aren't friends with or related to compliments you

Things I like life quotes - everything on this list except underwater tea parties (only because I have never had one) and hot tea (I would rather have coffee)

I would totally get a Winnie the Pooh tattoo, because that is the sort of person I am. (Look at how cute that is! <3)

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haha so much better than the original! :)

Very catchy people who celebrate Christmas should sing this

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Funny thing, in the book, its the boys and not wendy who are supposed to walk the plank. It is sad to know that not a boy was looking at her as Smee tied her to the mast; the eyes of all were on the plank: that last little walk they were about to ta

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This is like my favorite scene in the whole movie Castle in the Sky! Pazu and Sheeta are such cute friends

I can't believe I'm in love with you. It just sucks for Me. Heart gets so rigid when your close be, my heart gets so soft when I know is you. My heart get so weak when you are around

✯ Cook Islands - Tropical island beach paradise showed video and pictures of this island on the plane to New Zealand! Looks wonderful!

I love this display. A little too much going on but with slightly less it would look more organized and less cluttered while still looking great!

{Decor Series} Forecast: Blue Skies

I love this idea for a bookcase. Recycled crates with plenty of spaces for treasures. I'd be tempted to make the crates out of recycled pallets.