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How to fasten coasters on the bottom of the freezer. How to build a home brew keezer/kegorator

A Slightly Less Simple Keezer Build   http://brulosophy.com/2014/04/08/a-slightly-less-simple-keezer-build/

I recently shared the very simple 2 tap keezer build I did for a friend. What allowed me to keep that keezer so simple was my experience building a 5 tap keezer for myself.

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I knew it loaded up a bit, but not heard of it coming apart as a result. it was a buddy's bench grinder.

My taps arrived from the US yesterday and so it was time to bung them in the lid! I ordered 6" stainless steel shanks to go through the double wall collar of the lid.  This would mean that I would ...

Keezer – Taps

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Temp controlled 2 zone cabinet.

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Update: I finished my new chalkboard and included the custom pint glasses that my wife gave me for Father's Day.