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distraught, disillusioned, struck down by grief, she gradually turned to stone

Amazing artist Celeste Roberge made this amazing sculpture correctly portraying grief.

Richard MacDonald - amazing

Easy Clay Sculptures : Richard MacDonald one of the most amazing sculptors of our time!

Awesome Natural Phenomena

Awesome Natural Phenomena

Natural Facts: Nobody is sure what causes the sailing stones or volcanic lightning. Also, the glowing waves are causes by phytoplankton, and the fire rainbows are made from ice crystals instead of water droplets.

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Gypsy Vanner Horse Sculpture ~ Life Size Powder Coat by Esther Benedict. Commissioned by a Private Collector

Metal sliced sculptures 5

Metal sliced sculptures

Paper Art by Robert Ghattas:

This paper art by Robert Ghattas is amazing because of the optical illusion it creates. He used shading and layers to make the paper jump off the page and seem to go on forever. This piece is extremely creative yet creative, which makes the viewer think.

The Spanish Revival home was built in 1929. Marilyn Monroe bought it in 1962 for $90,000. The current owners are asking $3.6 million!

Marilyn Monroe's Former House in Brentwood For Sale

Is it really possible that the ghost of Marilyn Monroe exists? Is Marilyn Monroe's ghost haunting more than one place? We'll find out about Marilyn Monroe's ghost in this sad yet spine-tingling article.

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