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Woo YiFan (Kris) of EXO (yes I know woo is not his surname but it sounds the same as Wu so I put him in this family)

EXO-M-KRIS!!!!! our fluent English speaker, plays the roll of cool leader & MC, as well as EXO'S multilingual translator, how brilliant! Kris speaks Korean, Mandarin and Cantonese also! EXO simply can not function without our handsome Canadian sweetheart! I do think he's hilarious & not conceited rather, I think his inflated ego is just an act for us fan's:) However, I'm speculating cause I enjoy his vanity:) It matter's not, I do think his heart's as big as Asia:)

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Is it weird if I say he has really sexy ears?

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KRIS EXO-M FULL FACTS (Some are true while others are only speculated)


I'm sorry, Kris, that you chose to leave EXO ~ but I will still love both you and all of EXO

Kris, EXO. Exactly. Lick them luscious lips.

Perfection. The manga prince himself will be at KCON '12. #Kris #EXO #ExoM

Kriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis!!!!! <3 meu bebe gigante.