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Wither (The Chemical Garden, #1) by Lauren DeStefano — Reviews ...

dont define your world life quotes black and white world life life quote earth wise quotes greys

Please and thank you. These are two key words to my professional success.

Please & Thank You Are Still Magic Words, people with manners get on my nerves.

cry baby || melanie martinez

Nice lashes😍 can't believe I'm pinning this my phobia of 'enlarged eyes'😭🔫👽

they live inside us and sometimes they win - stephen king

We all have Angels and Demons. its only about mind's management, which one you activate the most.

We are fasinated with galaxies. Not really sure why, maybe all the different colors or how thats our limit. The sky isnt cutting it for us. We think BIG. We want the galaxy and stars. Our inspiration for our "Equality" Design.