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Best-selling author Mary Roach explores the science of keeping human beings intact, awake, sane, uninfected, and uninfested in the bizarre and extreme circumstances of war.

"Voices In The Ocean" by Susan Casey ... A portrait of the world of dolphins explores their conflicted history with humans, sharing scientific insights into their intelligence while discussing how they have been used as theme-park attractions, military tools, and sporting targets. Find this book here @ your Library

"Are We Smart Enough To Know How Smart Animals Are?" by Fran de Waal ... A groundbreaking work on animal intelligence explores the intricate and complex nature of the animal mind, discussing how the study of animal cognition has revealed how humans have underestimated animals' intellectual abilities. Find this book here @ your Library

God's Bankers, by Gerald Posner ... Exposes the inner workings of the Catholic Church to trace how the Vatican evolved from an institution of faith into an extremely wealthy corporate power. Find this book @ your Library

Born With Teeth by Kate Mulgrew ... A star known for her strong female roles in "Star Trek: Voyager" and "Orange Is the New Black" offers an account of the price and rewards of a passionate life. Find this book @ your Library here

"The Road To Little Dribbling" by Bill Bryson ... A sequel to "Notes from a Small Island" stands as the author's tribute to his adopted country of England and describes his riotous return visit two decades later to rediscover the country, its people, and its culture. Find this book here @ your Library

Capital Dames by Cokie Roberts ... A companion to the best-selling Founding Mothers and Ladies of Liberty documents the experiences, influence and contributions of women during the American Civil War. Find this book @ your Library here

"The Sleep Revolution" by Arianna Huffington ... Evaluates the role of sleep as a cultural and historical unifier, the impact of sleep deprivation on health, and the science community's recommendations for how to achieve more restorative sleep. Find this book here @ your Library

"Sounds Like Me: My Life (So Far) In Songs" by Sara Bareilles ... The five-time Grammy Award-nominated and multi-platinum music artist presents a series of confessional writings about the searches for growth, healing and self-acceptance behind some of her most popular songs. Find this book here @ your Library

"The Third Wave" by Steve Case ... The entrepreneurial Internet pioneer and co-founder of AOL shares a roadmap for how to succeed in a world of rapidly changing technology and offers behind-the-scenes stories about some of the most consequential business decisions of the Internet world. Find this book here @ your Library