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Captain Hook Killian Jones Colin O'Donoghue Jennifer Morrison Emma Swan Once Upon A Time If you take place like thanks Miriam

Hahaha cute! Darcy and Loki gif. SHIPshipSHIPshipSHIP

I'm an unabashed Darcy / Loki shipper. I may have never thought of "shipping" these two, but this is just the cutest thing EVER!

OUAT Regina and Snow White parallels

Wow, see she relates happiness to others sorrow because of her heartless mother. I love Regina.

I just realized that I think young Emma was on one episode of izombie

Once Upon a Time's brilliant casting - Rose McGowan and Barbara Hershey as Cora, Abby Ross and Jennifer Morrison as Emma, and Bailee Madison and Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow <--don't forget Ingrid, her casting was spot-on as well!

Hook's little eyebrow flick- couldn't be a louder "Ha!" to Charming if he had smacked him, LOL

“ We should get outta here before David decides to give me his over protective Dad speech.

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Once Upon A Time ~ Hook (: < I love that little devilish look on his face. insinuating that he wanted his gratitude expressed as a kiss.

Ouat : Rumple of the jungle by floangel.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Ouat : Rumple of the jungle<<"Life son, life. All 287 years of it!