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More men should aim to be like John Wayne

John Wayne quote- Himself. Yup, and real men are now few and far between! [Best cowboy (western star) ever! And folks, he was an excellent actor.

You're a daisy if you do!

You may be bad - ass but you'll never be Doc Holliday dying of TB but still smokin' drinkin' and sippin' on Laudanum. - Tombstone, Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday.

Movie - Tombstone (1993) with photo of Val Kilmer as Doc Watson

*one of my fave sayings* Tombstone. Doc Holiday One of my favorite Westerns.loved Val Kilmer's portrayal of John Henry "Doc" Holliday.

I have two guns, one for each of ya - Doc Holliday

"I'm Your Huckleberry" - Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday in "Tombstone". My favorite Kilmer role in one of my favorite modern day Westerns. I could watch this scene over and over.

Wear yours scars with pride because as scar-less man has not felt the hardship of life or the feeling of pain. Scars are often reminders of the cost of success