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When your child asks you questions about God and the Bible, are you well…

Wonderful sermon by Chris Brooks on A Christian worldview and A Christian vision in our community

This is great!

Praying for Your Teen. At the iMom website there is a version with Scripture verses after each of the 10 ways. They did not have a 'Pin It' version of it or I would have put that one here instead. I prefer the one with the verses.

Be on your guard!!

Guide me, Lord, as I disciple my children and prepare them for the battles they face everywhere, including in their own hearts. A Mothers Prayer † ❤ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨Ʒ

This post is adapted from Whitefield’s sermon on John 5:39, titled “The Duty of Searching the Scriptures

George Whitefield provided these seven tips for reading the Bible more effectively so that we might profit greatly from "searching the Scriptures.

Whoever believes in me has eternal life John 6:47

Whoever believes that Jesus is The Christ - The Son Of The Living God - Your RISEN Lord and Savior - has eternal life. John This is our promise

Ministerio Renovaciòn En Cristo Inc. Ministry Renewal In Christ Inc.

In the Name of Jesus Acts Salvation is found in now one else, for there is no other name under heaven given no mankind by which we must be saved

Jesus never said this

Thank you, JESUS! 10 things Jesus never said. Interesting to compare these words with our self talk!

Wow.. please read this. my princess...  you don't have to fit in.  i love these "my princess" posts sm

My princess, you were not made to fit in . You were created to stand out. Not to draw attention to yourself, but to live the kind of life that leads others to Me. You have a royal call on your life. I want you to remember that you wear the everlasting

For Me . . . !  CS Lewis

Never ceases to amaze me. Even if I was the only one being saved out of all humanity, Jesus still would've died for me. He loves ME!