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Grace Point Custom Cut-Out Stickers
Market an upcoming event with custom stickers. A white border is a guaranteed way the colors of the sticker will pop against a dark surface, such as a tinted window. http://custom.carstickers.com/custom/printed-decal-die-cut-and-white-border/custom-stickers/
Multi-color cut-out stickers are the perfect solution when your design has 2+ colors and you don't want a background http://custom.carstickers.com/custom/custom-multi-color-cut-out-sticker/custom-stickers/
Stickers can be a great surprise addition to mail order purchases http://custom.carstickers.com/custom/euro-oval-sticker/custom-stickers/
Custom stickers are a unique marketing tool, as they are constantly in motion. Let your stickers do some of the work to raise awareness for various causes and events! http://custom.carstickers.com/custom/rectangle-sticker-border/custom-stickers/
These one color cut out stickers look sharp! http://custom.carstickers.com/custom/custom-cut-out-sticker/custom-stickers/
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We celebrate making stickers (and running!) all day long! http://custom.carstickers.com/custom/circle-sticker-border/custom-stickers/
The Indiana Dunes Visitor Center has free stickers for those who complete the 3 Dune Challenge. What a great way for guests to remember their experience! http://custom.carstickers.com/custom/euro-oval-sticker/custom-stickers/
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