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Tell Prince Albert Restaurant to Respect Service Dog Laws

We want animal protection laws in China! Stop eating cats and dogs and protect the animals! |

All across America people are begging President Barack Obama to say no to oil giant Shell's plans to drill in the Arctic this summer -- so far, to no avail. Today we have another compelling reason to say Shell No!

Court Stops U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service from capturing and killing wild red wolves

Please take immediate action and tell the Secretary of Agriculture to order Wildlife Services to stop killing wolves on U.S. Forest Service lands! (140 signatures on petition)

petition: Help Stop the Relentless Wolf Killing in Idaho

Bobcats, Cougars and Coyotes Get a Stay of Execution - A settlement of a lawsuit brought by WildEarth Guardians against United States Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services calls for it to stop killing predators on six million acres of public lands in Nevada.

Johnson City, TN - ISAR's "Spay/Neuter. It Stops Killing!" billboards were posted along Hwy. 36 and W. Market in Johnson City, TN in February 2016, as a public service. Raising awareness about the pet overpopulation epidemic and the spay/neuter solution is ISAR's main mission to ending the millions of companion animal deaths that result in overcrowded shelter systems each year.

There's no deadlier enemy of wild animals in America than Wildlife Services, the secretive, professional animal killers hiding out in the Department of Agriculture. They gun down, trap and poison more than 2 million native creatures a year -- including mountain lions, bobcats, otters and Arctic foxes. The Center for Biological Diversity is committed to taking on this killing machine, and you can help. Making a donation to the Stop Wildlife Services Fund is the most powerful thing you can do…