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Pats - maybe we could try this. Does Alice sit up alone yet? If not could she lean back against Kenzie?

Here are a couple helpful tips that will minimize the stress and anxiety that the holidays bring, which is important in taking care of your born to be. I also provided healthy “Mocktail” ideas so you can still mingle during holiday celebrations.

Need a pic. of me an my boys like this to hang up in a gallery wall, it would make my heart so happy every time I look at it:-)

Can I just say thank you that someone finally has a baby photo w/ the baby actually clothed! Yes - I know - naked babies are sweet - but shouldn't some things be kept w/in the family?!? ---very true

*Love this shot, with the parents holding the chalkboard, and the kids just slightly out of focus; it would be even cuter if mom dad were holding a picture frame, and if the kids were centered in the frame, but still incorporating the phrase.