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Traditional Gray Marble Keepsake

Gray and white hand made marble cremation keepsake urn with matching lid.Keepsake urns made from natural marble will vary in color and pattern.Dimensions: x Cashmere gray marble.

Etienne Butterfly Cremation Keepsake Heart

Etienne Butterfly Cremation Keepsake Heart

Cloisonne Heart Keepsake Butterfly Funeral Cremation Urn for Ashes, 3 Cubic Inch

Terrybear Aria Rose Keepsake. This Keepsake can hold a small amount of cremated remains.

6 Keepsake Set Pink Funeral Cremation Urns for Ashes, 5 Cubic Inches each

Elite Radiance Cremation Keepsake

Elite Radiance Cremation Keepsake

The Radiance Elite Urn is made of brass, finished in a black lacquer and engraved by hand to show beautiful brass details. It is ideal for storing your loved one’s ashes.

Canyon Marble Cremation Keepsake

Mosaic style sea foam green, handcrafted marble urn with matching lid. 25 pieces of 2 interchanged marble types create a mosaic effect. The mosaic has touches o

Golden Dove Cremation Keepsake

Classic Radiance Cremation Keepsake

Cremation keepsakes are smaller receptacles for a portion of the ashes you would like to keep or distribute to family members.

Royal Marble Cremation Keepsake

Royal Marble Cremation Keepsake

Black and white hand made marble keepsake urn with matching lid. 7 pieces of marble create a mosaic effect. Keepsake urns made from natural marble will vary in

Glenwood Cremation Keepsake Pewter

Glenwood Cremation Keepsake Pewter

Each keepsake is handcrafted using alloy casting and a durable, pewter, powder coat finish. Mini-urns are complementary keepsakes designed after larger crematio

Glenwood Copper Cremation Keepsake

Glenwood Cremation Keepsake - Bronze

Handcrafted keepsake using alloy casting finished with a durable bronze powder. Mini-urns are complementary keepsakes