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Avon Pretty Peach. My Mum was an Avon lady in the seventies and bought me some of this. Seeing these brings back the scent.

Fragments of collected haberdashery are hand stitched onto "patches" of wood. These patches are then stitched together to create my unique take on a traditional patchwork sampler.

#jasmineyogatutorial : #CamelSplits Another one that is way easier than it looks. I have no idea what this pose is called so I named it by the poses it is made up of! Tips and tricks: 1) Stretch well before trying. One min hamstring stretch. One min low lunge. :) 2) The hand behind you is going to help you balance. So take your time to find the correct position. Find the hand position that suits u the best. I find being on my fingertips makes the pose easier but you might find being on…

[Treasure hunter and adventure Nathan Drake awakens freezing, numb, confused, and covered in snow. He groggily takes in his surroundings, and finds himself in the seat of a train car. He looks down at his blood covered hands to find himself impaled by an ornate, ancient dagger. "That's my blood... That's my blood... That's a lot of my blood." He looks out the window and is confused by what he finds. It almost looks like the rockface is sideways... Suddenly parts of the car rocket…