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Glock -> SBR conversion kit.

This accessories are cool. How do they affect the functionality of the gun?

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Glocks 42 & 43 are the ULTIMATE Glocks for concealed carry. The Glock 42 is the single stack pistol and the Glock 43 is the single stack. They also retail for far less than other Glock pistols.

HERA-ARMS - Convert your Glock/SIG into a sub-compact rifle. Still not covered under assault rifle ban

TRIARII The new world of pistol carbine conversions is here. HERA Arms announces the new Triarii. The Triarii has been designed to meet the functions.

Glock Carbine

Extends the barrel, gives you a good stock and grips and gives you a mount for holographic sights. My only addition would be to make the stock a bumper to accommodate pseudo automatic rates of fire.

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