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So imagine if u were underneath this umbrella and the rain was bouncing off it so that it sounded like different notes and u were like "OMG this umbrella is even more musical than meets the eye " that wld b wierd

Key Signatures, Major and minor!

Carol of the Bells (3 part) Soprano Recorder piece but change for hand chimes and do as a class

Pink - Just Give Me A Reason Chords

Although often regarded as a “shredder’s” technique, the notion of sweeping (or raking) the pick across the strings to produce a quick succession of notes has been around since the invention of the pick itself.

"Titanic violin" on display in museums in Branson, Missouri & Pigeon Forge in Tennessee

Star Wars Main Theme from

he's a pirate violin sheet - Google zoeken More

play popular music, free piano sheet music, 7 Years, Lukas Graham