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CT2JQI  Portugal

CT2JQI Portugal

LA1YKA    Backside   Norway  Made by LB8QG

Backside Norway Made by

ZY8D   Expedition & Contest  Brazil  IOTA SA-072

ZY8D Expedition & Contest Brazil IOTA SA-072

VIA M0OXO for Al-Safliyah island 01-07 January 2017

VIA for Al-Safliyah island January 2017

Bharati Research Station Antarctica 8T2BH

Bhagwati, will be active from Bharati Research Station, Antarctica until December 2016 as

Croset Island FT1WM

Kerguelen Island Nicolas, / updates readers: My work will bring me to the Southern hemisphere for a scientific mission at Ratmanoff, northeast of Port-aux-Français, Kerguelen archipelago.