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Zeena Schreck - "Modern materialists and religious extremists alike lack the spiritual animistic reverence...". spirituality, animals, environmentalism, animism, religious-extremism, materialism-versus-spiritualism, beatdom

༺❉༻BeeQueen 13φ♔༺❉༻ -(+)KA(-)+4Queens and Godesess of Golden White Flame: -(+)BA Brigid / -(+)KA-(+)/Feja/-+KA++White Tara /(+)KA++ "Maria Mary Magdalena " / (-(+)888-(+) into to ONE -( - )KA+(-)+Into ONE of 1/4 Queen of Above /Heaven.-999+ //Activated

Gwaschemasch'e Efendi - "Priestess of the Great Mother, Protector of Mnajdra" Icon image from 1905/1906