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the water spigot at Okhayeni Primary School–the school doesn’t have running water

Variable Neon-slug (Nembrotha kubaryana), a nudibranch, at a Japanese shipwreck off the coast of Bali, Indonesia. photo by Arne Kuilman

The Night Watch - Sarah Waters. Another gem from Sarah Waters. I love everything she writes: her prose style is effortless and her books completely absorb you. The Night Watch is set in WW2 (another one for this year!) and the narrative travels back in time. If I was to be hyper critical this book is not as outstanding as The Little Stranger or Fingersmith but still bloody good.

this is my favorite book of all time!!

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Just a shower thought. With A/C, hot running water, toilets, transportation

Realized this when I seen my cousin posted A LOT of nice guy stuff on Facebook.

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7 (More!) Phenomenal Wonders of the Natural World

NATURAL:Sinkholes, are a scary phenomena. Over time water erodes the soil under the planets surface until it gives away and collapses into the earth, they can be hundreds of feet deep, and have consumed city blocks, sidewalks and buildings

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. The idea that we’re unwittingly ingesting Prozac each time we drink a glass of tap water sounds like a conspiracy theory. But it’s not. Within the last decade, traces of pharmaceuticals have been reported in...

Pebble In The Still Waters: Author Interview: Jo Maeder: Truth is Stranger than Fiction @Jo Maeder @J O.Maeder