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Before & After hair color and women's cut! Graduation layers to create volume and the pinwheel method to create dimension.

31 Disney Costume Tutorials You Have To Try This Halloween

8 Simple Juice Recipes You Need To Try

Want to improve the functioning of your kidneys? Want clearer skin and heightened immunity? Cleanse your kidneys with these three juices! Your kidneys need special attention because they are exposed to highly toxic chemicals in the blood that filters through them. When fat and toxicant deposits accumulate in the kidneys, they don't function as well as they should. In addition to these juices it is important to limit or completely avoid foods that put a lot of stress on our kidneys.

Little Girl Hairstyles on TRHS

triple braid and pony little girl hairstyle, for natural hair i would have the 3 braids lead into a large braid or rope twist, instead of a free ponytail