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What it is:A powerful lash enhancing serum. What it is formulated to do:The safe alternative to lash growth, Phyto-Medic Complex was developed by a team of cosmetic scientists through a series of clinical tests. The breakthrough results prove it t

26 weeks gone, 26 weeks to go ! The days are slowly getting brighter every day and it makes me feel so much more alive. I can't wait for springtime and summer, it feels like this winter has lasted forever. Facebook. Tumblr. Instagram.

This portrait photography by Adriano Sodré is stunning, dreamy and eye catching. Adriano is from portugal and he is a freelance photographer. He also has a vimeo account you should check out via his website.

Olivia. Grad Student. - Literature. Period Dramas. Television. Female Characters. Feminism. Travel. Architecture. Art. Fashion... Posts in the "Photos" and "Musings and Text Posts" sections are mine. The rest, unless otherwise...

SASHA KURMAZ, KIEV Guest interview by Christopher Schreck When I look through the various portions of your portfolio – photography, street art, collage, etc. – it sometimes feels like I’m seeing...

Cameron was only certain of one thing. Waking up next to the dark haired beauty was something unimaginable. She was the purest, most entirely lovely thing that had ever laid in his arms. And he would die before it was taken away.

A Collection: Aspen trees have a vast root system that have the potential to span hundreds of miles. Through this complex network of the species' life source exists the ability to produce clones that...

these are photos i find from various magazine sites, blogs, zines, etc. i do not take any of the photos myself. this blog is for me to post my favorite photos that i've been collecting over time. i do not follow or reblog anyone. enjoy!