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After an almost-five-year hiatus from traditional job applications, I had my first contact with a recruitment agent today. It did not go well. Kim asks "Does Facebook outweigh my CV?" http://www.discordia.com.au/does-facebook-outweigh-my-cv/

Tough question, huh? I knew something was up with Tucker for these 10 reasons... He had difficulty making eye contact. His language development was delayed. He talked - but not much and not for co...

Ways to teach children with autism much needed safety skills. Teaching safety skills to children with autism is imperative in our rapidly changing unsafe world. Most children have this innate sense of dangeg that keeps them relatively safe. Our children with autism lack any sense of danger which inherently puts them in more danger than the average child. Read more at: http://ourcrazyadventuresinautismland.com/teaching-safety-skills-to-children-with-autism/

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