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George Whitwell Parsons, the mining man, banker, and compulsive diarist, who left behind invaluable, day-by-day observations about life (and death) in 1880s Tombstone. Parsons stayed in Tombstone till the mining boom went bust, later renewed old friendships with men like Wyatt Earp and John Clum in southern California,

What remains of Wyatt Earp's Old Tombstone, a former tourist trap outside of Tombstone (

George W. Parsons, who moved to Tombstone, Arizona Territory, in 1880, is…

Wyatt Earp's house at First and Fremont Streets in Tombstone

Former Indian Agent John P. Clum-Mayor of Tombstone and Publisher of the Tombstone Epitaph.The Republican Paper. Friend of Wyatt.

Wyatt Earp's Tombstone

Ed Schieffelin, "Founder of Tombstone", Arizona, 1880s

Wyatt Earp in Nome, Alaska with long-time friend and former Tombstone mayor and editor John Clum