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(Pic of the board loaded with pedals isna smaller one, i just posted for a visual idea) I made this design for those who want a recessed cavity for there volume or wah pedal, made for maximum comfort and clean look. Comes with a handle on the back and black rubber feet. Overall size 25x12. The pedal platform is 17 1/2x12 and the volume/wah pedal cavity is 12x5 7/8 I make pedalboards for musicians on a budget. Why spend like $300 on a pedalboard that will just sit there, I think...

Guitar pedal board (recessed cavity for Volume/Wah pedal) "WORK HORSE

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Fender Custom Shop Double TV Jones Relic Telecaster w Bigsby Aged Lake Placid Blue

FENDER Custom Shop Double TV Jones Relic Telecaster with Bigsby Electric Guitar Aged Lake Placid Blue (via Musician's Friend)

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Best Guitar Pedals For Synths and Keyboards

It is no secret that guitar effects pedals have completely changed the way we see music today. However, these effects pedals are not only li

1960s Hagstrom 1...I used to have a red one, like this one. David Bowie had one, I discovered along the way. The pickups were too low powered and couldn't really record with it properly so I ended up letting it go to a friend who then sold it. When I see pictures of these things, I'm struck with a pang of seller's remorse but even if I had it today I wouldn't use it so...

Hagstrom 1 Electric Guitar VINTAGE 1960's red

T-Rex Engineering Octavius Octave Guitar Effects Pedal

Click Image Above To Purchase: T-rex Engineering Octavius Octave Guitar Effects Pedal Pink