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Moorish King of Hungary. CRAAAZZZYY!!!! For real!?
Disgusting how these people were treated
Stop letting White people divide the  Tribes with these stupid ass Memes This is CIA shit... And you stupid niggas fall for this... the slave masters raped all the tribes Dummy... Christ will separate the sheeps from the Goats .. stop taking the MHs authority in your own hands .. Do your fucking job and live right for your people don't know if your a rare or not.. keep the Book let Christ decide.. don't follow division
Best Black History Quotes: Frederick Douglass on Egypt and Africa
Before Madam C.J. Walker there was Annie Turnbo Malone, " The Forgotten Entrepreneur" (1869-1957)  A chemist and entrepreneur, Annie Turnbo Malone became a millionaire by successfully developing and marketing hair products for black women in St. Louis. She used her wealth to promote the advancement of African Americans and gave away most of her money to charity.
Third eye ... yep isn't interesting what fluoride in the water supply does to the pineal gland? Think that's an accident?
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Moors present in America before the creation of the United States. #ArtistRa #OurHistory #Amexem
Deuteronomy 28:68 And the Lord shall bring thee into Egypt again with ships, by the way whereof I spake unto thee thou shalt see it no more again: and there ye sh…
If it had not been for the multiple conspirators around the globe working tirelessly throughout history to hide all of this from us, it would almost be hard to believe that so much proof could be overlooked. But, when history books and artifacts have been mutilated, white washed, fabricated, and then the oppressor owns the media and dictates all narratives on all people, places, and things, then it explains how The Most High used their cunning to fulfill prophecy and destiny at the same…
Moammar Gaddafi FIGHTING for the rights of his people, OUR PEOPLE TOO!  Why, WHY, WHY!!! Dose it have to be a Black on Black MURDER!  I'll tell you WHY, when you have someone else pulling your strings and you are the House Negro (Obama) you do what your Master SAY, you KILL The FIELD NEGRO (Moammar Gaddafi) who is doing GREAT by his people.  WHY, WHY?
This Book is our True history thoes how have it will know. From what i know this book is $13,000 and is in London. #ArtistRa #OurHistory #Amexem