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Spice Poke Cake

Spice Poke Cake is an extremely moist cake subtly flavoured with spices and honey. Perfect with an afternoon tea or coffee!

Nutella Filled Doughnuts (Made in the Actifry)

Delicious doughnuts made a touch healthier by cooking them in an Actifry. Soft dough filled with rich Nutella makes the perfect combination.

Egg free Dairy free Caramel Slice

Easy-Peasy Chocolate Cake Recipe

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Fruit Coffee Cake

Choose your own fruit adventure!! Fruit Coffee Cake is airy and light with a gooey cinnamon and fruit centre and crunchy crumble topping. The filling can be any fruit that you are craving, or a combination, whatever you choose!

INGREDIENTS 2 Zucchini’s, grated 2 Apples, grated1 Carrot, grated2 Eggs3/4 Cup Brown Sugar1/2 Cup light olive oil or vegetable oil 1 tsp salt1 1/2 Cups Self Raising Flour1 tsp Bicarbonate soda1 tsp Cinnamon1/2 tsp Nutmeg1/2 Cup desiccated coconutLET’S PUT IT ALTOGETHER 1. In a large bowl place the eggs and sugar. Whisk by end until […]

Delicious chocolate hazelnut spread. A healthier version of Nutella taken from the refreshing recipe book Hungry Healthy Happy by Dannii Martin.