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Greg Evigan, BJ and the Bear, Full Page Vintage Clipping

Greg Evigan, BJ and the Bear, Full Page Vintage Clipping

Family gathered at 6 p.m. every Sunday

The Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights. --- We ALL looked forward to Sunday evening (every family w/a t. watched the same movie on Sunday, it seemed) ---

S & H Green Stamp Books.  ONLY 1200 stamps fill this book?  ...

S & H Green Stamps Saver Books. I remember my mom saving these.

That's true we really did salute the flag back then. now nothing is allowed anymore.

Daily Pledge of Allegiance in school. I remember when the words, "Under God," were added to the Pledge when I was in elementary school in the

Pudding Pops... The 80's were great!

Loved these! Jell-O Pudding Pops, Bill Cosby.

this was like gold to me when I was little, I always had to use the cheap ones

Crayola Crayons - remember "Prussian blue" and "spring green"?the 64 box. I remember opening it and marveling at all the colors. The wonderful sharpener. Even now, when I open a new box of crayons the happy memories just flood back and I smile.

The New Fun with Dick and Jane, 1956, Scott Foresman and Co....first primer in the New Basic Readers series....several illustrators are listed including Sarah Florence Winship

Fun with Dick and Jane Basic reader book 1951 by ViseralEphemera. I learned to read from Dick and Jane readers.

Loved growing up like this..

I'm not a kid but I still did all these things. (PS I survived the garden hose)

I learned to read with these books.  Dick and Jane

First Grade Reader. I loved Dick & Jane, Sally, Spot & Puff!

I still have one of these cigar boxes

My Dad smoked these so I always had an ample supply of empty cigar boxes. We put our crayons in them.