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Teenager Posts - You know you have worked the fashion industry the first thing you think is, "They are sewn shut to preserve the structure of the garment before it is purchased".

(Firebrand:I have seen things no pony should have to witness. And this pink pony is the scariest thing to date. If she where to become evil we would all be doomed. Don't get me wrong pinkies parties are amazing she just freaks me out. During security checks she comes out of your pockets. We don't even wear pants!)

I Wish My Boyfriend Dressed Like This

jacket, check shirt, belt, bracelets and of course pocket square. all in one

Grey Long Sleeve Red Floral Pockets Cardigan

Fashion Ideas For Women Over 40 (19) - like this look a lot too. . I'm a fan of green (though don't usually like plaids). Not sure about the shoes though. . but otherwise, this is me. - Donna

Haha this happened to me on my very first date and I'm like "well my hair is the same color so they're horse person extensions"

Ecstasy Models

Swing Dots - Atlantic-Pacific Reminds me of something a modern Trudy Campbell would wear when she was pregnant!