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I think this is a great tool for my kids to use because it helps you understand if you are being a bully without even knowing it. They can look through the chart themselves and found out if they are being a bully to anyone in their lives.

Be the Change. What a cool idea for a bulletin board. Kids could hold up signs of things they would love to change (pollution, bullying, economy, cure for cancer, etc)

Brilliant idea for middle school! The counselor has her own locker with a note about contacting the counselor, and note cards that kids can fill out and indiscreetly slip into her locker.

Video full of celebrities who were bullied as kids.

FREE PRINTABLE: Knightly Good Deeds List *Great post about teaching kids…

5-Minute Film Festival: Videos on Kindness, Empathy, and Connection

"If it doesn't make the world better - don't do it." #kindness #empathy

A great little activity to teach kids how our experiences shape our perspectives and empathy is the key to understanding.

Exploring School Counseling: Is it Rude, is it Mean or is it Bullying?

The reason I chose this website was because it is something i could share in class and it offers a video that gives solutions to help stop bullying by not being a bystander to what is happening.