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Explore Tinsmith, Cookie Cutters and more!

A shot from inside the Tinsmith's shop in Railroad Town. These are the designs he uses to make cookie cutters in the shape of states.

A shot of the gift shop, taken yesterday. We are so close to showing off the new Stuhr Building, which opens on July 19th. Mark your calendar.

The Nebraska Department of Travel & Tourism is going to be changing the travel signs across the state this summer. They selected this image as the new one for Stuhr's sign. We can't wait to see it!

Have you met "CoJack" yet? He's our license plate buffalo at the Nebraska State Fair and he's made up of license plates from each county in Nebraska. Meet CoJack, play some games, see exhibits and demonstrations and much more at our tent at the Nebraska State Fair August 28 - September 7.

The Prairie Treasures Gift Shop has put out a lot of new items, including some special items for back to school, like these little guys which are great for backpacks. You never have to pay admission to shop.

The Prairie Treasures Gift Shop is getting ready for Valentine's Day. It's awfully pretty in there :)

The Prairie Treasures Gift Shop has new Stuhr Museum T-shirts. As you can see, some members of the staff are really proud of them.

Sign up for Stuhr's "Tinsmithing Class" in March & show off cups, cookie cutters & more that YOU made in April. Log onto for dates, prices and details on this really fun class.

Fun at Stuhr's tent at the Nebraska State Fair. Come visit us.

HISTORIC PIC - In the early morning hours of May 19, 1909, at approximately 1:45 a.m. citizens of Cairo were awoken to the sound of a loud explosion. Burglars were blowing open the safe of the Cairo State Bank with nitroglycerine. Entrance to the bank was made through the front door and the telephone wires cut. The robbers made off with over $6300 in cash. Three men, Phil Hess, Bert Axtell, and Claud Perkins, were arrested for the robbery.