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Palmetto Animal Hospital’s lobby is well-stocked with all kinds of pet products, including a variety of pet food options. If you need to re-stock your cabinet between visits, you can have food, dietary supplements, and prescription medicine delivered to your doorstep through our online store, found on our website.

Palmetto Animal Hospital’s lobby is clean and spacious to help your pet feel comfortable and calm.

During your pet’s wellness exam at Palmetto Animal Hospital, you can expect your veterinarian to perform a complete examination of your dog’s body and body systems, from nose to tail. Physical exams are an essential component of pet preventative care because they enable veterinarians to detect and diagnose issues before they become serious, so that you can start a treatment plan.

At Palmetto Animal Hospital, our veterinarians, technicians, and staff work together to design an individualized care plan to best suit your pet’s specific needs. Our hospital is equipped with all of the resources to implement these plans and give your pet the best care available. If your pet should require more specialized care, we can provide referrals to local specialists.

Our reception staff can’t wait to greet you! At Palmetto Animal Hospital, our entire staff is passionate about providing the best possible veterinary care for the pets of Florence, SC.

Palmetto Animal Hospital in Florence, SC, is open 7 days a week and always eager to meet new clients. For our active clients, we even offer 24-hour emergency services. No matter what day of the week, or hour of the day, our veterinarians are committed to caring for the pets of the Pee Dee.

At Palmetto Animal Hospital, our technicians are highly trained in a wide range of veterinary services. These technicians are drawing blood for a blood glucose test. The monitor requires just one drop of blood to report a pet’s blood glucose level.

Dr. Lee Burnett and one of our veterinary assistants are examining a puppy! At Palmetto Animal Hospital, one of our goals is to educate new pet owners on the necessary care for their puppy or kitten. We offer all of the procedures puppies and kittens need, including vaccines, spay & neuter surgeries, and parasite testing.

Dr. Lee Burnett and one of our veterinary technicians work together during a routine wellness exam. Palmetto Animal Hospital recommends you bring your pet in for a wellness exam every 6 months. Pets age much faster than humans, so check-ups every 6 months are comparable to doctor visits every 3 years for you.

Two of our veterinary technicians are drawing blood from this patient poodle. At Palmetto Animal Hospital, we believe that bloodwork is an important part of pet preventative care. Regular bloodwork helps your veterinarian detect and diagnose diseases and other health conditions before they develop into serious problems.