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(Camila Cabello) Hi! I'm Camila Cabello, but call me Cami. I'm 17 and single. I like to sing, dance, and model. I also love Starbucks! Intro?

Lauren: Hey guys it's fifth harmony I'm Lauren guys say hi to the camera. Whole group: Hi. Camila: Hey Lauren ready for the concert? Ally: I know I am. Normani: I'm ready to sing it loud. Whole group: Oh Come on Norm. Dinah: Let do this. Ally: *looks at phone* Lauren: Ally's texting her boyfriend. whole group: awwweeeeeee. Ally: Shut up.

FIFTH HARMONY ♡ ___________________________________________ One of my most favorite photoshoots ever. I got this customized on a phone case and the girls signed it.

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