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Dorian Yates

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The Iron Den bodybuilding forum literally has everything that you need to know if you hope to effectively build muscle.

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The greatest bodybuilder of all time. Dorian Yates - who changed bodybuilding forever with his never before seen mass in the early to mid to take 6 Olympia titles and make known the greatest back in the history of bodybuilding.

Dorian Yates’ super intense bodybuilding workout plan. Not for beginners.

Arnold, Big Ron, Cutler, Wheeler and Yates. They all were on steroids when reaching heights of the bodybuilding game. Meet 5 famous bodybuilders on steroids

FST-7 Training Routine Workout Overview FST-7 is a training routine created by Hany Ramrod, who has trained many pro bodybuilders with great success using this program. It was created over several years of rigorous testing and perfecting with a few principles that are followed in sequence to provide stunning results. This intense program is focused …

My favorite bodybuilder. His reputation for unique approaches and philosophies for training is legendary