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Magnetic Badge Holder Magnetic Eyeglass Holder by SantaFeKiss

"Spegilmynd" - Mirrors the negative impulses sent against yourself, and reflects them to the sender. The sigil will work advantageous on a amulet , deposited in a black bowl with water on a black mirror, or in a bucket of water, and then put by your bed.

Sea Breeze – Inspired by Nature by Roee on

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Pink Iris ACEO Signed Limited Edition Print from Theodora

Pink Iris ACEO Signed Limited Edition Print by THEODORADESIGNS, $7.00 #pcfteam

Wheat field by talma vardi on Etsy--Pinned with

Black by Kate Skate on Etsy--Pinned with

Mint Whispers by Asta on Etsy--Pinned with

SAILING'S PASSION by Siskale on Etsy--Pinned with

The Game Is On! by Gail on Etsy--Pinned with

Fun Friday Finds PCFTeam by Amy DeLong on Etsy--Pinned with