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hockey humor...don't have a clue, but I bet Pher thinks its hilarious

No one likes a hooker- I want this shirt! Where can I find one? i feel like this could be a fantastic bday gift for the hubby!

Viktor Fasth broke into the league in 2012 at the tender of age of 30. While the sliding scale does change a little for goalies and their careers, 30 years young is still probably considered a late bloomer in the NHL. Since then, Fasth has maintained a high level of play, been traded to the Edmonton Oilers, and commissioned a new mask from Dave Gunnarsson of DaveArt. It's a freaky design with ties to his past mask, loaded with detail and impressive features.

Viktor Fasth's New Shape Shifting Oilers Mask - InGoal Magazine

Cam Ward Goalie Mask

Cam Ward's New Carolina Hurricanes Mask - InGoal Magazine

Milan Lucic, Shawn Thornton, and Brad Marchand pregame

Milan Lucic, Shawn Thornton, and Brad Marchand pregame - Don't even try to tell my Thornton isn't violent after this comment (sarcastic or not I will use it as proof!

On every level, this is true.

Super sad, but true. You don't have to be a hockey player, you just have to like the sport. Being a hockey player would be a nice touch though.

Petr Mrazek 'Family Guy' mask Detroit Red Wings

Petr Mrazek hits 'Family Guy' Christmas wish list with his mask (Photo)

Petr Mrazek 'Family Guy' mask Detroit Red Wings

Gregory Campbell. Glory is forever. Skating with a broken leg.

Bruins’ Gregory Campbell continued playing after breaking leg on penalty kill. GO BRUINS!