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A collaborative effort between the Environmental Defense Fund, Colorado State University and Google Earth Outreach is equipping Street View cars with instruments that will help map methane leaks in major cities across the United States and help raise public awareness about greenhouse gas emissions and #climatechange. #EnvironmentalMonitor @coloradostateu

A monitoring project started by the European Union is making people more aware of the air they breathe in on a daily basis. EveryAware was launched in four European cities, where student volunteers were equipped with personal air quality sensors that enabled them to log #airquality measurements in their surroundings. #EnvironmentalMonitor #pollution

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This Wearable Detects Pollution to Build Air Quality Maps in Real Time

Clarity is a small, keychain-sized wearable air pollution sensor aimed at tracking air quality in badly polluted places, like China.

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Air Quality Egg collects and maps real-time air pollution data

Air Quality Egg collects and maps real-time air pollution data- contribute to local air quality data

NASA researchers are constrained to a 1,000 feet minimum flying altitude that prevents them from acquiring the air quality data that they seek to profile the pollution concentrations near the Earth's surface. Instead, they are now using local airfields near ground monitoring sites to reach lower than 1,000 feet. #EnvironmentalMonitor #airquality

The Interagency Monitoring of Protected Visual Environments network, or IMPROVE, is active at up to 165 sites to remediate poor visibility and prevent future impairment in national parks. #EnvironmentalMonitor #airquality

The Vaisala GMP343 sensor measures carbon dioxide concentrations in outdoor environments like growing chambers or crop fields. Its high accuracy readings are due to the pulses of infrared light emitted by a small filament lamp. This enables the sensor to detect the amount of light that is reflected and translates it into a carbon dioxide concentration. #EnvironmentalMonitor #airquality

Threat from new gases found in air - Comparison of air samples spread over more than 30 years has revealed three new CFC gases with the potential to add to global warming – and the evidence suggests they are man-made

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Pollution Solution: New App Measures Air Quality During Our Commute

Scientists from the University of California, San Diego recently revealed that they were able to develop a group of small, portable sensors that would give users the ability to monitor air pollution and air quality in real time on their smart phone.