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A collaborative effort between the Environmental Defense Fund, Colorado State University and Google Earth Outreach is equipping Street View cars with instruments that will help map methane leaks in major cities across the United States and help raise public awareness about greenhouse gas emissions and #climatechange. #EnvironmentalMonitor @coloradostateu

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THE NEXT DRIVING LAB ILLUSIONARY OPENING with IDIOTAPE 13th September 2013 Yongsan i Park Mall (Seoul, South Korea) Video Directed by SIKK

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The Monolithic Sculptures of Data Viz Whiz Edward Tufte

Edward Tufte, I-beam megalith, 2013, stone, steel, air, 7.0 x 3.4 x height 4.6 meters. Ace the dog, height 70 centimeters _

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Better Than A Van Gogh: NASA Visualizes All The World's Ocean Currents

Visualizing the world’s ocean currents.

9 Maps to Change How You See the World - Goodnet Switzerland and the Vatican are the only two countries with square-shaped flags.

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A Real Internet Of Things For The Developing World

A Real Internet Of Things For The Developing World | Tim

known as the snake plant and mother-in-law tongue, this is probably the most tolerant of all houseplants. It will go without watering for weeks at a time, rarely needs fertilizing and is usually pest free.

Laser Cut Map of Interstate Highway System « adafruit industries blog

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CitiSense is a Portable Air Pollution Monitoring Device that Sends Data to Your Smart Phone

One of the positives of technology in our society is that people have created applications that are especially made to tell people how good or bad the air quality is. Technology such as this can help people monitor air quality who are sensitive to air quality. Being updated when air quality changes is an important tool when battling with pollution.