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Conservative misogynist republican tea-bagging GOP idiocy.

If households budgeted like the GOP: We're under-water with the house, behind on the bills. No more abortion!

keep abortion legal | Tumblr

For 39 years weve kept a fundamental issue regarding womens health legal and yet it is one of the biggest contemporary issues under attack today. Lets never go back to back alleys, wire hangers, and unnecessary deaths. Keep abortion safe and legal.

please put this on every abortion board,,,let the trolls begin...lol

please put is on every abortion board,,,let the trolls begin.

George Carlin won't ever stop being the man, dead or alive. - Imgur

Put your money where your morality is...

Carlin - Quote pro-life "Conservatives don't give a shit about you." War on Women


"We should ban LIFE JACKETS . They only encourage risky behavior. The only effective way to prevent drowning is total abstinence from going in the water.

Disgusting. I can't believe people out there believe this is okay, Fuck people

Excuses for s*x // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Politicians And The Public Think Differently When It Comes To Abortion

House Republicans Pass Sweeping Anti-Abortion Updated: pm EST [If we don't vote, we cannot complain!