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Handling responsibilities like an adult.

c-cassandra: Handling responsibilities like an adult. Lol this is me all the time!

lol this is so true... I can be girly and like makeup and puppies... But then there is that side of me that most people don't see that likes the dark and mysterious...

Yup, that's me! This is why I think the creepypasta fandom is scarier than the Sherlock fandom! I'm in both, but the creepypastas have so much more of a.of weirdness XD << Sherlock's fandom' purpose isn't to be scary ?


Fullmetal Alchemist - 84.00 por Mxngx uploader

Ah, donc je ne suis pas la seule !!

Girls nowadays

Sarah C. Andersen ☆ This is me! I just cut my hair really short and now I want long hair lol<I know that feel


Funny hair

Funny pictures about Complicated Relationship With Hair. Oh, and cool pics about Complicated Relationship With Hair. Also, Complicated Relationship With Hair photos.

But for real

17 Hairstyles That Everyone Can Relate To

7 Hair Expectations Vs Reality Scenarios… why i always wear my hair up. I hate doing my hair and always has the weirdest kink at the ends.


- aaaaaaah im waiting for second season ! - My Mad Fat Diary