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Visothkakvei Optical Illusion Drawings

Impossibly Tiny Doodles Fill Sketchbook Pages with Surreal Optical Illusions

sixpenceee: “ Cambodian artist Visoth Kakvei masterfully brings together symbolism and style, and no sketchbook has enough pages for his creativity. The graphic designer usually draws his works freehand and the pieces take hours to.

Fight Club 2 HC, a collection of ten comic books continuing the cult classic story of Fight Club.

Fight Club 2 (Graphic Novel) - Fight Club 2 (Graphic Novel) by Chuck Palahniuk Fight Club 2 is avaliable exclusive.

"It's only after we've lost everything that we are free to do anything." Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk

Tyler believes that once you hit rock bottom you feel free because nothing, job, materialistic views will hold you down.

Plaza De Toros De Linares

Vintage Bullfight Poster of famous matador Manolete versus the brave bull.

Combine stunning artwork and a riveting tale about superheroes in a futuristic chaotic world and you've got this amazing page-turner of a graphic novel called Kingdom Come. All the major players in th

Kingdom Come

Combine stunning artwork and a riveting tale about superheroes in a futuristic chaotic world and you've got this?˜amazing page-turner of a graphic novel called Kingdom Come.˜All the major players in

Whats Ur Home Story: DIY coasters, Cork coasters, vintage movie poster coasters, vintage comic coasters

DIY Cork Coasters

You can make these adorable Superhero Cork Coasters with just a few simple materials. Great for giving as a Father's Day gift or hostess gift, these adorable coasters are great for comic book fans.

The Kiss statue is officially entitled 'Unconditional Surrender'; it was based on the famous VJ Day photo of a sailor kissing a nurse (the photo was taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt in 1945 and appeared in Life Magazine). The 26F tall statue was created by J.Seward Johnson and was installed in 2010. In 2011, it was relocated to Rome, Italy. There are identical statues in Sarasota, FL and San Diego, CA  http://www.roadarch.com/giants/nj.html

Unconditional Surrender by artist Seward Johnson is a 26 foot statue replica of the legendary lip-lock photograph created the day WWII ended.

Not even gonna lie, this is great! Props to the person who wrote this!!

It's the coldest Christmas Eve in history, and a poor family is out of coal for the furnace. The only child in the family has 24 hours to get on the naughty list.

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