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To Tròn,Kitten Puppy,Tantric Doujn,Doujn Pangea,Gay

Decorative metal mask of Noh theatre character Hannya. The mask represents a female serpent-demon filled with malicious jealousy and hatred. From 1970's

LIGHT DNA | Star Being by Christine Kesara Dennett | "Clearing, connecting clearing; Seeing; There is a place you go to and come back from; A beautiful planet. Coreal’; Corwella; The sound is there; The beings are traveling on the edge of light. Their matter is made of lighter substance than us. You have been changed in order to be with them, your mind and body has been transformed to be with them. I am in contact, they are linked with me now."

By the definition, a black hole is an object with a gravitational field that is so much strong, that even light gets trapped inside it. Black holes are the one of the far most incredible things in the cosmos because they signify everything that we currently know and what we don’t know. Some think that it is the last obstacle into generating a grand theory of everything.

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