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Achaemenid Gold Jewelry: Ornaments with back-to-back lions

detail of achaemenid NECKLACE

Achaemenid Gold Censer, 5th-4th century B.C.E.

Achaemenid Gold Bracelets with Winged-caprid Termini with Cloisonne Inlay 6-4th century BC. Although heavily damaged, the surviving terminals still display the forceful and monumental court style of the Achaemenid Empire.

Silver rhyton terminating in the forepart of a ram, Achaemenid, ca. 5th century B.C. Iran.

Achaemenid plaque from Persepolis

Gold plaque with horned lion-griffins, Achaemenid, ca. 6th-4th century B.C., Iran. In the sixth century B.C., under the leadership of Cyrus the Great (r. 538–530 B.C.), the Achaemenid Persian dynasty overthrew Median kings and established an empire that would eventually extend from eastern Europe and Egypt to India. They built palaces and ceremonial centers at Pasargadae, Persepolis, Susa, and Babylon.