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The Prussian "Black Hussars" wore a black uniform and a Death's-head instead of a cockade. The "Black Brunswickers," raised in 1809 by Friedrich Wilhelm, Duke of Brunswick-Oels (killed at Quatre-Bras, 1815), were likewise given a black uniform with a Death's-head as their badge, partly, it is said, as a token of mourning for the previous duke, who was mortally wounded at the battle of Auerstadt (October 14, 1806), in the war against Napoleon.

The hand of Mrs. Wilhelm Roentgen: the first X-ray image, 1895 In Otto Glasser, Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen and the early history of the Roentgen rays. London, 1933. National Library of Medicine. The announcement of Roentgen’s discovery, illustrated with an X-ray photograph of his wife’s hand, was hailed as one of mankind’s greatest technological accomplishments, an invention that would revolutionize every aspect of human existence.

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