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Episode one. Sam still thinks he's getting back in time for Monday

and I'm still in the dark cause I can't seem to find the light alone. #DeanWinchester #Supernatural

Parvati Patil, lavender brown, Ron weasley, Fred weasley, seamus finnigan, dean Thomas, Harry Potter, hp

I LOVE M-ARCI-A's ART 😍💕 | credit to |

Season One - The Benders. Is it odd that this is one of my favorite episodes? I don't know if it is cuz it takes place in Mn or what but it's a favorite :D

Oh my god i got goosebumps reading this...and for me this is my headcannon. There is no way Sam would have stopped looking for Dean if he had thought Dean was trapped in purgatory. Sam just not looking at all is such a break from his character and its unbelievable. Something had to have happened with Sam during that year and I wish the show would expand on it.

Queer kids + Harry finding out part 2/2 // Harry Potter, hp, lavender brown, Parvati Patil, pavender, Ginny Weasley, Parvati x Ginny, Ginny x Parvati, deamus, dean Thomas, Seamus finnigan, Luna lovegood

"She is an intriguing blend of simplicity and complexity ... a recipe to be loved, but never revealed" -Dean Jackson.