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Map of Russia

Collapse of USSR -- great quotes here from people who used to live in the soviet union

Germany, The Roosevelt Plan (FDR’s Post WWII Proposal)

After few painful hours I managed to make this, another alt. history map where US President Roosevelt's plan to divide Germany a. Yet again, Roosevelt's Germany

Prussia: was a German kingdom and historic state; shaped the history of Germany with its capital in Berlin after 1451; in 1871, German states joined in creating the German Empire under Prussian leadership; in 1918, the monarchies were abolished and the nobility lots its political power; 1932 Prussia was abolished effectively and officially in 1947

Prussian empire at it's zenith.The Prussian empire existed in the Middle Ages.In 1918 there was an attempt to re-establish the Empire but this attempt proved futile as the Allies defeated them in World War 2

German Kingdoms 1868 by whanzel

Map: German Kingdoms was a part of the Kingdom of Westphalia which existed only from 1807 to 1813 and had only one king, Jerome Bonaparte, brother of Napoleon.

Ethnic map of Slovakia and Hungary in 1910, with current borders

Ethnic map of Slovakia in 1910

Up to 60% of the European population died in the 1300s

Black Death: About a third of the European population died of plague between 1347 and 1351

Europe 840 C.E.- CHARLES II LE CHAUVE: Né en 823 à Francfort sur le Main (Allemagne), mort le 16 octobre 877 à Avrieux (Savoie) est un petit fils de Charlemagne qui procède au partage de l'Empire en 814. Roi d'Aquitaine dès le règne de LOUIS LE PIEUX, il est roi de Francie occidentale de 843 à 777 et devient Empereur d'Occident en 875.

Early Dark Ages III - Europe during the height of the Frankish Empire.