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Oregon occupation simmers as law enforcement surround holdouts -

No new coal stations without carbon capture, UK government rules

Trump: 'Thugs' have 'ENERGIZED America' during Chicago rally brawl

Violence erupts in Chicago after Trump rally is called off over a protesters threat to storm the stage during The Donald's speech - just hours after black man was beaten bloody at St Louis rally---When you have a candidate that openly states he wishes he could punch someone in the face and makes comments of a thug, look at what happens.....You won't see this at a TED CRUZ rally....

Trump: 'Thugs' have 'ENERGIZED America' during Chicago rally brawl

Trump left visibly shaken by Ohio rally scare as his bodyguards race to surround him on stage minutes after he brushed off last night's Chicago racist violence as 'planned attack' by 'professional wiseguys'

Vester Flanagan's reprimand for Obama badge as he reported elections

Virginia TV shooter Bryce William's reprimand for wearing Barack Obama badge | Daily Mail Online

Gunshots Fired as Nevada Battle Between Sanders, Clinton Camps Simmers -

Tensions simmer as Cubans breeze across Texas border -

What should have been looked at is the percentage of people in these counties who vote consistently, not just occasionally, as well as, those who are one issue voters. I'm willing to bet the vast majority are, in fact, 1st: one issue voters and 2nd: because they are one issue voters they vote ONLY when that issue (guns god gays) is prevalent in the election whether local, state or federal. Plz read the comments to get at a broader view of the article.

Kerry Warns of More Russia Sanctions as Ukraine Simmers -